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Therapy for Women, Men, Adolescents
& Families

Is something in your life causing you to feel stuck and
unable to move forward in your life?
Do you want to
feel more alive, positive, balanced and peaceful?
Do you yearn to be happy?

Today, you're one step closer to that. I help individuals feel better, have a higher quality of life and experience better relationships. I also work with more complex issues, such as relational trauma and the effects of trauma, or  very difficult life experiences.

Click here to learn more about therapy in Orange County, and click here to learn more about me, a therapist located in the heart of Orange County, easily accessible by most cities.

Couples Therapy

Ready to rediscover a lost connection or clear your relationship clutter? Is there an area of your relationship that is causing problems for you? 

Starting therapy together, or individually, can clear the clutter---all that stuff that builds up over time and you can't seem to get past. It will improve the quality of your relationship, and help you work though the hurt you may be experiencing, allowing you to become closer and happier together. Click here to learn more about couples therapy in Orange County.

If you are engaged or getting married, pre-marital counseling will help you get off to a good start! Click here for a free consultation.

Therapy for Stress & Anxiety

Are you under pressure, overwhelmed or stressed? Are you going through a difficult experience, or transition? Is your past having unwanted effects on you

Stress can eat away at us, causing all sorts of problems. So can effects of trauma. It can leave you feeling lost and empty, like you are not the person you want to be. I can help you work through that. I can help you to overcome your past, leading to inner strength and confidence.

To learn more about seeing a therapist in Orange County who has experience helping people with this, click here.

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You may be seeking out a therapist because you are feeling stressed, and having difficulty with some aspects of your your relationships and perhaps other areas of your life. You may feel like you should be able to handle it, or fix it on your own, but the problems remain unresolved. You may be someone who, for the most part, is put together and appears to be living a good life, yet you are struggling and want to feel better. You may know what the issues are and have taken steps to work on those issues, but you are still struggling and want your life and your relationships to be better.

I can help you with all of that. I am a professional therapist with over 20 years of combined business, private practice and clinical experience, and I will work compassionately with you to help you feel better, and work toward the changes you'd like in your life. Why stay stuck when you can move forward? I will help you to find your way through it.

I am passionate about working with people who are distressed and want to raise their self awareness and transform themselves and their relationships to the level they have always wanted. I work with a variety of people who found that working with me made that difference.

​Talking issues over with a caring therapist can help you too. Make an appointment with me today at my office in Newport Beach, CA or Corona, CA by calling or emailing:  ​(949) 292-2923 or

I'm centrally located in Newport Beach, near the Orange County airport, easily accessible by Irvine, Tustin, Costa Mesa, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel and Huntington Beach, as well as Norco, Corona and Yorba Linda. Read on to learn more.


Contact me to make an appointment today. (949) 292-2923,

Newport Beach

Do you need someone caring to help you through some difficult issues 
in your life?

Tyra Butler, M.A., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist